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LM4844 datasheet

Stereo 1.2W Audio Sub-System with 3D Enhancement
LM4844 datasheet

The LM4844 is an integrated audio sub-system designed for stereo cell phone applications. Operating on a 3.3V supply, it combines a stereo speaker amplifier delivering 495mW per channel into an 8Ω load and a stereo OCL headphone amplifier delivering 33mW per channel into a 32Ω load.

It integrates the audio amplifiers, volume control, mixer, power management control, and National 3D enhancement all into a single package. In addition, the LM4844 routes and mixes the stereo and mono inputs into 10 distinct output modes. The LM4844 is controlled through an I 2C compatible interface.

Boomer audio power amplifiers are designed specifically to provide high quality output power with a minimal amount of external components.

The LM4844 is available in a very small 2.5mm x 2.9mm 30-bump micro SMD (TL) package.


• Stereo speaker amplifier
• Stereo OCL headphone amplifier
• Independent Left, Right, and Mono volume controls
• National 3D enhancement
• I 2C compatible interface
• Ultra low shutdown current
• Click and Pop Suppression circuit
• 10 distinct output modes


• Cell Phones
• PDAs
• Portable Gaming Devices
• Internet Appliances
• Portable DVD, CD, AAC, and MP3 Players

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