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one transistor led flasher

one transistor led flasher


tl431 datasheet

tl431 datasheet

TL431/TL431A Programmable Shunt Regulator


. Programmable Output Voltage to 36 Volts

. Low Dynamic Output Impedance 0.20 Typical

. Sink Current Capability of 1.0 to 100mA

. Equivalent Full-Range Temperature Coefficient of

50ppm/°C Typical
. Temperature Compensated For Operation Over Full Rated

Operating Temperature Range
. Low Output Noise Voltage
. Fast Turn-on Response
The TL431/TL431Aare three-terminal adjustable regulator

series with a guaranteed thermal stability over applicable

temperature ranges. The output voltage may be set to any

value between VREF (approximately 2.5 volts) and 36 volts

with two external resistors These devices have a typical

dynamic output impedance of 0.2W Active output circuitry

provides a very sharp turn-on characteristic, making these

devices excel lent replacement for zener diodes in many

Internal Block Diagram
Test Circuits
download tl431 datasheet pdf


20W bridge amplifier for car radio used TDA7240A

20W bridge amplifier for car radio used TDA7240A


The TDA7240A is a 20W bridge audio amplifier IC designed specially for car

radio applications.

Thanks to the low external part count and compactHeptawatt 7-pin power

package the TDA7240A

occupies little space on the printed circuit board.

download schematic diagram


str54041 datasheet

str54041 datasheet

Hybrid IC Voltage Regulator Module NPN Triple Diffused, for TV Switch Mode Power Supply

1 - features :
a . hyprid voltage regulator module  incorporated triple diffused planar transistir chips

b . transfer molded

c . for tv switch mode power supply

d . fixed output voltage

2 - equivalent circuit

1 - vout sense 
2 - base drive
3 - in put
4 - earth
5 - vo cont

download  str54041 datasheet  pdf


str50103 datasheet

str50103 datasheet

str50103 is a Voltage regulator

1- common
2- base drive
3- in put
4 - out put
5- vo control

download str50103 datasheet pdf


tda100 panasonic User Manual

tda100 panasonic User Manual



1. Notification to the Telephone Company

This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules and the requirements adopted by the ACTA. On

the side of this equipment is a label that contains, among other information, a product identifier in the

format US: ACJMF03AKX-TDA100. If requested, this number must be provided to the telephone


Installation must be performed by a qualified professional installer. If required, provide the telephone

company with the following technical information:

• Telephone numbers to which the system will be connected

• Make: Panasonic

• Model: KX-TDA100 and KX-TDA200

• Certification No.: found on the side of the unit

• Ringer Equivalence No.: 0.3A

• Facility Interface Code: 02LS2, 04DU9.BN/DN/1KN/1SN, METALLIC

• Service Order Code: 9.0F, 6.0P

• Required Network Interface Jack: RJ21X, RJ48C, RJ2HX

2. Ringer Equivalence Number (REN)

The REN is used to determine the number of devices that may be connected to a telephone line.

Excessive RENs on a telephone line may result in the devices not ringing in response to an incoming

call. In most, but not all areas, the sum of RENs should not exceed five (5.0). To be certain of the

number of devices that may be connected to a line, as determined by the total RENs, contact the local

telephone company. The REN for this product is part of the product identifier that has the format US:

ACJMF03AKX-TDA100. The digits represented by 03 are the REN without a decimal point (e.g., 03 is

a REN of 0.3). For earlier products, the REN is separately shown on the label.

3. Incidence of Harm to the Telephone Lines

If this equipment causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company will notify you in

advance that temporary discontinuance of service may be required. But if advance notice isn't practical,

the telephone company will notify the customer as soon as possible. Also, you will be advised of your

right to file a complaint with the FCC if you believe it is necessary.

4. Changes in Telephone Company Communications Facilities, Equipment, Operations and


The telephone company may make changes in its facilities, equipment, operations or procedures that

could affect the operation of the equipment. If this happens the telephone company will provide

advance notice in order for you to make necessary modifications to maintain uninterrupted service.

5. Trouble with this equipment

If trouble is experienced with this equipment, for repair or warranty information, please see the attached

warranty, which includes the Servicenter Directory. If the equipment is causing harm to the telephone

network, the telephone company may request that you disconnect the equipment until the problem is


6. Connection to Party Line

Connection to party line service is subject to state tariffs. Contact the state public utility commission,

public service commission or corporation commission for information.
downloadKX-TDA100 panasonic User Manual


tda4605 datasheet




The IC TDA4605controls the MOS PowerTransistor and performs all necessary regulation and

monitoring functions in free running flyback converters.

Since good load regulation over a wide load range is attained, this IC is particularly suitable

for Consumer as well asIndustrial PowerSupplies.

Alternative source of theTDA4605 is alsoavail-

ablefrom SIEMENSS emiconductors Consumer ElectronicsA.G.

download tda4605 datasheet pdf


uln2003 datasheet

uln2003 datasheet




The ULN2003 is a monolithic high voltage and high current

Darlington transistor arrays. It consists of seven NPN darlington

pairs that features high-voltage outputs with common-cathode

clamp diode for switching inductive loads. The collector-current

rating of a single darlington pair is 500mA. The darlington pairs

may be parrlleled for higher current capability. Applications include

relay drivers,hammer drivers, lampdrivers,display drivers(LED gas

discharge),line drivers, and logic buffers.

The ULN2003 has a 2.7kΩ series base resistor for each

darlington pair for operation directly with TTL or 5V CMOS



* 500mA rated collector current(Single output)

* High-voltage outputs: 50V

* Inputs compatibale with various types of logic.

* Relay driver application
download uln2003 datasheet


tda2822m datasheet

tda2822m datasheet






TheTDA2822M is amonolithic integrated circuit in

8 lead Minidip package. It is intended for use as

dual audio power amplifier in portable cassette

players and radios.
download  tda2822m datasheet


tda9341ps n3 a

TDA9341PS/N3/A Selling Leads, TDA9341PS/N3/A Datasheet PDF

tda9341ps n3 a


crystal radio parts

crystal radio parts

The Basic Crystal Radio is just this much:

A coil, Variable capacitor to tune frequency, a crystal Diode and a High Impedance headphone, makes a crystal radio.  You require a very good antenna and good ground. The .001 capacitor is to remove radio frequency from signal & get audio only for phones.
In this project, I am using above circuit already, for those interested only up to this level. So that a crystal Radio remains a crystal radio in its original form. You have an option to use High Impedance earphone and listen this radio without power.
However, in addition to basic circuit, I decided to add some amplification for the very basic reasons that, it was hard to find a High Impedance earphones and second, it was more pleasant to listen to a radio thru a speaker. 

Crystal Radio Document 



ht1000 radio

VHF & UHF, 2 and 16 Channels

Radio hardware features:
  • 2 and 16 Position Rotary Channel Selector with Stop
  • 2 Programmable Side Buttons
Operator friendly controls and features include:
  • Large Rotary Channel Selector
  • Rotary On/OFF and Volume Control
  • Accessory Connector for convenient access
  • Battery Latch Lock
  • Large Textured PTT
  • Spring Action Belt Clip
  • Rugged, Die-Cast Chassis
  • 3 Programmable Option Buttons
Motorola HT1000
The HT1000 portable offers you a small, rugged, economically packaged radio with features never before offered in a Motorola HT portable product. In addition to size, durability, and affordability advantages the HT1000 radio offers, it also includes programmable function controls and radio-to-radio cloning for increased user flexibility.
The HT1000 radio is one of the loudest portables ever developed by Motorola. Improved voice intelligibility at high volumes means less distortion and fewer miscommunications. The radio’s standard noise canceling microphone will minimize background noise.
The HT1000 radio features Motorola’s broadest band range. With “Full Band VHF” a single model can operate from 136-174MHz. The entire UHF band is covered with 2 models, and the 800MHz band needs only one.
Channel scan monitoring allows the HT1000 to scan all of its operating channels. Channel scan is capable of scanning for PL, DPL, Carrier Squelch, Quick Call and Stat-Alert Selective Call, and be configured for Non-Priority or Single Priority operation. The HT1000 radio also includes Talk-back scan and nuisance channel delete and unwanted active channel from the scan list by simply pressing a button.
The HT1000 portable can be programmed to adjust RF power levels automatically on a mode slaved basis, or manually through operation of a switch. Variable RF power level provides the radio with the capability of having up to two power levels in one radio, and the capability of operating in high or low power on a per channel basis.
The HT1000 portable radio makes dedicated two-way communications faster, clearer, and easier to use. This small and lightweight radio breaks the notion that size and weight must increase as the portable grows in capability. Of course, the HT1000 radio family incorporates the quality and reliability you have come to expect from Motorola.

Motorola HT1000 Features

The HT1000 has the following features:
  • Frequency flexibility offers a broad band range.
  • Three Side Programmable Buttons
  • Quick Disconnect Accessory Port
  • Built to withstand harsh conditions in rugged environments.
  • Rotary Channel Selector Knob
  • Noise Canceling Microphone provide clearer audio even in noisy environments.
  • Top Mounted Emergency Button
  • Dual Charge High Capacity Battery
  • Top-Mounted Bi-Color LED Indicator
  • Programmable channel spacing in VHF and UHF lets you change bandwidths in 25 or
  • 12.5 kHz systems.
  • Wide range of signaling options.
  • 3-Postion Programmable Toggle Switch

Motorola HT1000 Models

  • H01KDC9AA1-N
    HT1000 VHF (136-178 MHz) 2 Channel 1-5Watt Portable Radio
  • H01KDC9AA3-N
    HT1000 VHF 136-178 MHz 16 Channel 1-5Watt Portable Radio
  • H01RDC9AA1-N
    HT1000 UHF 403-470 MHz 2 Channel 1-4Watt Portable Radio
  • H01RDC9AA3-N
    HT1000 UHF 403-470 MHz 16 Channel 1-4Watt Portable Radio
  • H01SDC9AA1-N
    HT1000 UHF 450-520 MHz 2 Channel 1-4Watt Portable Radio
  • H01SDC9AA3-N
    HT1000 UHF 450-520 MHz 16 Channel 1-4Watt Portable Radio
  • H01UDC9AA3-N
    HT1000 800 MHz (806-870 MHz) 16 Channel 1-4Watt Portable Radio
All Motorola HT1000 Models Include:
Standard Battery – (VHF/UHF NiCd 1200 MAh 7.5v)
Standard 120v Single Unit Slow Rate
Standard Antenna
2.5” Belt Clip
User Guide
1 -Year Warranty

Motorola HT1000 Applications

Public Safety

Motorola HT1000 Accessories

Expand your radios capabilities with Motorola Original accessories. Motorola HT Series portable radio accessories can turn your radio system into a custom communication system for your business needs. Adding the proper headsets, microphones, batteries, chargers, or carry cases can enhance the productivity of the people who use two-way radios. Motorola Original accessories are built with the highest quality standards and are specifically engineered to assure maximum performance of your radio, no matter what your profession.
Motorola original b atteries with different chemistries to best suit your needs help keep your HT1000 radio fully functioning at all times, so you can rest assured they are ready whenever you need them.
NTN7143 NiCD Battery Standard Capacity 1200 mAh 7.5V
NTN7144 NiCd Battery High Capacity 1500 mAh 7.5V
NTN7146 NiCD Battery Standard Capacity (Intrinsically Safe) 1200 mAh 7.5V
NTN7147 NiCD Battery High Capacity (Intrinsically Safe) 1300 mAh 7.5V
You need a charger to keep your batteries ready whenever you need them. Choose the Motorola Original charger that best fits your need.
NTN1168 Charger Desktop Rapid Rate 110V
NTN1171 Charger Rapid 1-Hour 110V
NTN1174 Charger Single 10-Hour
NTN1177 Charger Multi Unit Rapid (Six-Pocket)110V
Motorola original a udio accessories enhance your communication system. Remote speaker microphones offer the convenience of communication without having to remove the radio from your belt. Lightweight headsets provide hands- free communication so you can work and communicate simultaneously. Comfortable earpieces mute the radio speaker while channeling the audio directly to your ear, so you can monitor transmissions clearly and privately.
Remote Speaker Microphones
NMN6193 Remote Speaker Microphone
NMN6191 Noise Canceling Remote Speaker Microphone
NMN6228 30" Noise-Canceling Public Safety Speaker/Microphone
NMN6243 18" Noise-Canceling Public Safety Speaker/Microphone
NMN6244 24" Noise-Canceling Public Safety Speaker/Microphone
BDN6664 Receive Only Earpiece - Beige (requires BDN6676 adapter)
BDN6719 Ear Receiver with 3.5 mm Threaded Plug
BDN6780 Single Earbud with Microphone and PTT (requires BDN6676 adapter)
BDN6781 Single Earbud, receive only (requires BDN6676 adapter)
NMN6246 Earbud w/Boom Micr and in-line PTT (requires BDN6676 adapter)
Surveillance Accessories
The following surveillance accessories require the BDN6676D (3.5 mm threaded adapter jack) that attaches to the radio, unless being used with speaker/microphone.
BDN6664 1-wire Earpiece - Beige
BDN6726 1-wire Earpiece - Black
BDN6665 1-wire Extra Loud Earpiece - Beige
BDN6727 1-wire Extra Loud Earpiece - Black
BDN6666 1-wire Earpiece w/Volume Control
BDN6728 1-wire Earpiece with volume control - Black
BDN6667 2-wire Earpiece with combined Mic/PTT -Beige
BDN6729 2-wire Earpiece with combined Mic/PTT - Black
BDN6669 2-wire Extra Loud Earpiece with combined mic/PTT - Beige
BDN6731 2-wire Extra Loud Earpiece with combined mic/PTT - Black
BDN6668 3-wire Earpiece with separate Mic/PTT - Beige
BDN6730 3-wire Earpiece with separate Mic/PTT - Black
BDN6670 3-wire Extra Loud Earpiece with separate mic/PTT - Beige
BDN6732 3-wire Extra Loud Earpiece with separate mic/PTT - Black
NTN8370 Extreme Noise Kit provides 24 dB of noise reduction
NTN8371 Low Noise Kit; includes rubber Eartip for low noise
BDN6676 3.5 mm Jack Adapter with Quick Disconnect Latch
NMN6245 Single Muff Lightweight headset (Requires BDN6676 3.5mm Adapter)
BDN6676 HT1000 Audio Access Adapter 3.5mm w/PTT
NMN1020 Lightweight Headset w/Boom Mic for Helmet (Requires BDN6676 Adapter)
NMN6258 Over the head with In-Line PTT
NMN6259 Behind the head with In-Line PTT
BDN6645 Heavy Duty Headset w/Boom Mic -24 dB (Requires BDN6673 Adapter)
BDN6635 Heavy Duty (VOX) Headset w/Boom Mic (Requires BDN6673 Adapter)
BDN6636 Heavy Duty (VOX) Headset w/Throat Mic (Requires BDN6673 Adapter)
BDN6673 Radio Adapter Cable
Ear Microphones
BDN6708 Ear Microphone Interface Module for PTT Only
BDN6671 Ear Microphone Interface Module for PTT & VOX
BDN6641 Ear Microphone for up to 105dB - Grey
BDN6677 Ear microphone for up to 95 dB - Black
BDN6678 Ear Microphone for up to 95dB - Beige
0180358B32 Ear Microphone Earholder Black - Small
0180358B33 Ear Microphone Earholder Black - Medium
0180358B34 Ear Microphone Earholder Black - Large0180358B35 Ear Microphone Earholder Clear - Small
0180358B36 Ear Microphone Earholder Clear - Medium
0180358B37 Ear Microphone Earholder Clear - Large
0180300E25 Ear Microphone Earguard with Adjustable Loop
0180358B38 Ear Microphone Push-to-Talk Ring Switch
0180300E83 Ear Microphone Push-to-Talk Body Switch
4280369E44 Ear Microphone Belt Clip
NTN1625 CommPort Integrated System with PTT on Radio
NTN1624 CommPort Integrated System with Palm PTT (IS / FM)
NTN1663 CommPort Integrated System with Ring PTT (IS / FM)
NTN1737 CommPort Integrated System with Snap-on-Side PTT (IS / FM)
NNTN4187 CommPort System with Body PTT Button
AAHLN9717 Audio Accessory Adapter 3.5MM
Carry Accessories
Motorola original c arry cases in both nylon and leather protect your radio and provide you the freedom from holding it during standby communication. Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, these cases come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit nearly any professional application.
HLN6602 Universal Chest Pack
NTN8037 Leather Carry Case with 3" Swivel (for use with high capacity battery)
NTN8038 Leather Carry Case with 3" Swivel (for use with ultra-high capacity battery)
NTN7247 Nylon Carry Case with Belt Loop
4205638V09 Spring Action Belt Clip 2.5” (Standard with Radio)
A variety of antennas available for the Motorola HT1000 radio offer you flexibility in size and calling range. As with all of our parts and accessories, these HT1000 antennas are all Motorola Original.
8505644V01 VHF (136-150.8 MHz) Helical Antenna
8505518V01 VHF (136-150.8 MHz) Wideband Helical Antenna
VHF (150.8-162 MHz) Helical Antenna 8505644V02
VHF (136-150.8 MHz) Helical Antenna 8505644V01
VHF (162-178 MHz) Helical Antenna 8505644V03
8505644V04 UHF (403-435 MHz) Helical Antenna
8505644V05 UHF (435-470 MHz) Helical Antenna
8505644V06 UHF (470-435 MHz) Helical Antenna
8505241U05 UHF (403-520 MHz) Whip Antenna
800 MHz
NAF4000 800 MHz (806-870 MHz) Dipole Antenna
8505241U06 800 MHz (806-941 MHz) Stubby Antenna
8505241U03 800 MHz (806-870 MHz) Stubby Antenna


Motorola HT1000 Spec Sheet


two way radio batteries Motorola

2 way radio batteries

two way radio batteries Motorola

Mobius 53615 56318
Astro AX Series cosmo
CP100 CP125 CP150
CP200 CP250 CT150
CT250 CT450 CT450LS
EX500 EX600 Expo Light Duty
GP68 GP320 GP340
GP350 GP360 GP380
GP640 GP680 GP900
GP1200 GP1280 GP2000
GTX Series Handi Com HKNN4002A
HT50 HT90 HT210
HT220 HT220 Omni HT220 Slimline
HT440 HT600, HT800 HT750
HT1000 HT1250 HT1550
JT1000 KEBT-071-A KEBT072
Lingo L3000 LTS2000 M370H1A
Mag One BPR40 MH10, MH70 Minitor II
MT500 Omni MT500 Slimline MT700
MT1000 MT2000 MTS2000
MTX638 MTX800, MTX900 MTX850, MTX850LS
MTX950, MTX960 MTX8000, MTX9000 MTX8250LS, MTX9250
MTZ2000 MX300 Series MX800
NLN8096A NTN5448A NTN9395A
P200 P210 PR400
PR1500 PRO2150 Pro3150
PRO5150 PRO5150 Elite PRO7150, PRO9150
PTX600 R750 Radius GP300
Radius GP600 Radius HT10 Radius P10
Radius P50 Radius P100 Radius P110
Radius P200 Radius P210 Radius P1225
Radius P1325 Radius SP10 Radius SP50
Saber Saber / Astro Saber MX1000 Saber / Astro Saber MX2000
Saber / Astro Saber MX3000 Saber MX1000 Saber MX2000
Saber MX3000 Spirit Spirit GT
Spirit SU42 Spirit SV52 STX
SX700 T4800 T4900
T6000 Series T6200 T6210
T6220 T6300 T6310
T6320 Talkabout 5950 Talkabout FV500
Talkabout T5320 Talkabout T5400 Talkabout T5410
Talkabout T5420 Talkabout T5800 Talkabout T5820
Talkabout T5900 Talkabout T6000 Series Talkabout T6220
Talkabout T6500 Talkabout T6530 Talkabout T7100
Talkabout T7400 Visar XTN Seres
XTS1500 XTS2500 XTS3000
XTS3500 XTS5000 XU Series
XV Series TalkaboutT-5410

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