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Variable switching power supply using LM317

Another power supply electronic circuit that is designed using LM317 voltage regulator can be designed using few electronic parts . This power supply circuit is a very simple low cost switching regulator electronic project that is based on the LM317 three terminal regulator .

As you can see in the circuit diagram this power supply electronic project require few external components and a LM317HV regulator . The input voltage required by this electronic project must be between 8 and 35 volt , and will provide a variable output voltage over a wide range , from 1.8 volts up to 32 volts
The maximum output current that can be delivered by this LM317HV switching power supply electronic project is up to 3 amperes .

C1 , C4 capacitors must be a solid tantalum type and L1 coil must have a 600uH inductance . For L1 coil you can use a Arnold A-254168-2 core with 60 turns .



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