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4 channels mixer voltage controlled

The audio mixer schematic we propose is developed arround 4 amplifiers build inside SSM2024 produced by Precision Monolithics Inc. (PMI) and is voltage controlled (VR).

The maximum VR voltage is 5.5Volt. The signal/noise ratio is 90dB and 130Khz band wide. This 4 channels mixer works great at +- 15Volt but you can use voltages between 9Volt and 18Volt.
4 channels mixer voltage controlled
Audio mixer circuit schematic


1.2 volts power supply

This switch mode power supply circuit require an input voltage range , between 4.5V to 16V,and will provide a very stable output voltage of 1.2 volt . The LTM4627 supports an output voltage range of 0.6V to 5V, set by a single external resistor , so you can modify the output voltage .

High switching frequency and a current mode architecture enable a very fast transient response to line and load changes without sacrificing stability.

1.2 volts power supply


Variable switching power supply using LM317

Another power supply electronic circuit that is designed using LM317 voltage regulator can be designed using few electronic parts . This power supply circuit is a very simple low cost switching regulator electronic project that is based on the LM317 three terminal regulator .

As you can see in the circuit diagram this power supply electronic project require few external components and a LM317HV regulator . The input voltage required by this electronic project must be between 8 and 35 volt , and will provide a variable output voltage over a wide range , from 1.8 volts up to 32 volts
The maximum output current that can be delivered by this LM317HV switching power supply electronic project is up to 3 amperes .

C1 , C4 capacitors must be a solid tantalum type and L1 coil must have a 600uH inductance . For L1 coil you can use a Arnold A-254168-2 core with 60 turns .



UM3561 electronic siren circuit diagram

This siren alarm circuit diagram is based on a specialized IC UM3561 , which is a low power CMOS LSI specially designed for this type of applications . The UM3561 contains all needed parts ( oscillator , selector circuits , programmed mask ROM ) to simulate siren sound using few external components .

The siren circuit require a power supply circuit around 3 volts and has a low current . The UM3561 siren sound generator circuit has possibility to generate four types of sounds : police siren , fire engine siren , ambulance siren and machine gun sound .
The transistor used in this project must be 2SC9013 , 2SC8050 or similar type .

The speaker used at the output must have 8 ohms impedance and a 0.2 watts power .

As you can see in these three circuit diagrams , the configuration for the siren is very simple .
UM3561 electronic siren circuit diagram
Police siren , fire engine siren , ambulance siren and machine gun sound .

Police siren , fire engine siren , ambulance siren .

Police siren and machine gun sound .

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Simple mixer circuit – Common base

The simple mixer schematic is built on common base principle, where input voltages are transformed in alternative currents wich are summed to form the alternative current component for the collector. The total amplification is R6 - Ri, where Ri is one of the input resistors. I’ve build this mixer for a little transmitter and works great.

Simple mixer circuit – Common base

Simple mixer circuit – Common base
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IRF740 Datasheet , power MOSFET

N - CHANNEL 400V - 0.48 Ω - 10 A - TO-220

This power MOSFET is designed using the company’s consolidated strip layout-based MESH OVERLAY process. This technology matches and improves the performances compared with standard parts from various sources.


 MOSFET, N, 400V, 10A, TO-220; Transistor Type:MOSFET; Transistor Polarity:N; Voltage, Vds Typ:400V; Current, Id Cont:10A; Resistance, Rds On:0.55ohm; Voltage, Vgs Rds on Measurement:10V; Voltage, Vgs th Typ:4V; Case Style:TO-220AB; Termination Type:Through Hole; Current, Idm Pulse:40A; Power Dissipation:125W; Power, Pd:125W; Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case A:1 C/W; Voltage, Vds Max:400V

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download datasheet 


Power MOSFET IRFP264, SiHFP264 datasheet

Third generation Power MOSFETs from Vishay provide the designer with the best combination of fast switching,
ruggedized device design, low on-resistance and cost-effectiveness.
The TO-247 package is preferred for commercial-industrial applications where higher power levels preclude the use of TO-220 devices. The TO-247 is similar but superior to the earlier TO-218 package because its isolated mounting hole.
It also provides greater creepage distances between pins to meet the requirements of most safety specifications.


• Dynamic dV/dt Rating
• Repetitive Avalanche Rated
• Isolated Central Mounting Hole
• Fast Switching
• Ease of Paralleling
• Simple Drive Requirements
• Lead (Pb)-free Available

Maximum Power Dissipation = 280w
Drain-Source Voltage = 250v
Gate-Source Voltage = ± 20


Package : TO-247

Lead (Pb)-free : IRFP264PbF , SiHFP264-E3 .

SnPb : IRFP264 , SiHFP264 .

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download datasheet 


IRFP250 free Datasheet

33A, 200V, 0.085 Ohm, N-Channel

This N-Channel enhancement mode silicon gate power field effect transistor is an advanced power MOSFET designed, tested, and guaranteed to withstand a specified level of energy in the breakdown avalanche mode of operation. All of these power MOSFETs are designed for applications such as switching regulators, switching convertors, motor drivers,
relay drivers, and drivers for high power bipolar switching transistors requiring high speed and low gate drive power.
These types can be operated directly from integrated circuits Formerly developmental type TA9295.

IRFP250 FET 200V 33A 180W



• 33A, 200V
•rDS(ON) = 0.085Ω
• Single Pulse Avalanche Energy Rated
• SOA is Power Dissipation Limited
• Nanosecond Switching Speeds
• Linear Transfer Characteristics
• High Input Impedance
• Related Literature
- TB334 “Guidelines for Soldering Surface Moun
Components to PC Boards”

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download datasheet 


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